This Summer I had a wonderful chance to photograph with LSP Senior Team Model, Ginger and some of her friends for a fun pool shoot and a bonus boat shoot! First stop Pool party! Thank you for lending us the use of your home by the way! Put everyone to work blowing up floats and balloons, picking out outfits. An hour later than we planned we started actually shooting. The Cast of BFF’s: Brian (who sadly had to leave early on) Erin, Gavin, Ginger, Nick and Sarah just slipped right into hang out mode and we just went through our concepts easy breezy!! I loved the end concept where Ginger pushes Gavin into the pool! We did it three times but my favorite (even though its a bit cluttered in the background) was the first try (notice his hair is dry.)!! I wanted to include images that were concept posed but also ones that where more ‘outakes’ because that really was what it was like and I think everything was a great moment. Their last summer before Senior Year (in the summer of Covid -19.) We wanted hurry up toward the end and we raced to get over to our next location so we could go out on the boat. Stay tuned…. XOXO!